Airside Mobile

Creates and operates the world's most innovative travel apps, including "Mobile Passport" which allows you to skip at the airport US Customs and Immigration.

Cicero Capital Partners

Commercial real estate investment vehicle which focuses on purchasing opportunistic real estate assets with substantial growth potential and value add potential.


Delivers intelligent files services to manage files that are scattered across disparate repositories and apps.

Columbia Pulp

Next generation pulp mill turning waste straw into pulp for papermaking, and processed byproducts for various uses. Utilizing disruptive technology, this innovative process is both environmental friendly and low cost provider.

Dover Microsystems

Hardware based cybersecurity solution that enables processors to protect themselves against every network-based attack. Its core product, CoreGuard, integrates directly with all RISC processors (ARM, RISC-V, MIPS).

Gamblit Gaming

The industry leader in bringing skill gaming onto casino floor with the focus on catering to millennials. The strong portfolio of hit titles include Pac-Man, Deal or No Deal, Catapult King, Into the Dead and JetPack Joyride. Units are operating across Las Vegas, Albaququerque, NM and Valley Center, CA.


Connects truck and van owners with people and businesses who need help with moving, hauling or delivering cargo on demand via an app powered by the sharing economy — Uber for trucks.


One device, and one plan, for connectivity everywhere. Dozens of companies, including twenty-one mobile network operators representing 1B customers have signed up to test the service.

Parry's Pizzeria and Bar

Multi-unit restaurant chain built around innovative high quality casual dining and craft beer. Delivering higher-end food and beverage options at casual-dining prices, the company has grown rapidly since opening its first restaurant in 2007.


B2B SAAS technology platform that provides local foot traffic analytics to retailers, commercial real estate owners and brokerage firms. The Company’s provides real time market intelligence for the physical world by utilizing proprietary algorithms and data science from information collected through opt in devices, WiFi and other 3rd party sources.


Constructs a graph knowledge base of wireless devices in the physical world. SignalFrame maps and relates wireless signals to power a new class of graph-based proximity services.


Combines tech-enabled ad platform with the power of the sharing economy. Wrapify's innovative process captures out-of-home (OOH) impressions in geofenced zones which are then retargeted online to individuals who were exposed to the wrapped vehicles. Bridging traditional offline advertising to online with the unique ability to measure attribution.

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