Investment Criteria

Venture Capital

  • Angel, Seed and Series A rounds
  • Convertible debt, preferred and common equity
  • Visionary management teams with successful track record and strong business ethics
  • Clear path toward profitability
  • Measurable progress toward product/market fit
  • Disruptive and scalable technologies
  • Investment size up to $2mm

Private Equity

  • Established business' who are in their growth phase of their life cycle
  • Defensible market positions
  • Niche products and services
  • Proven management team
  • Special situations with companies experiencing unique challenges
  • Flexible capital
  • Investment size up to $5mm

Commercial Real Estate

  • Opportunistic, value-add and repurposing
  • Multi-family, mixed use, industrial, retail, office
  • Favorable locations undergoing rapid redevelopment
  • Covered land plays
  • Bank owned or auction assets
  • Ability to close with all cash
  • Investment size up to $5mm

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